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Brassica rebrands SGS glucoraphanin to truebroc

Brassica rebrands SGS glucoraphanin to truebroc
New logo and refreshed website will more clearly communicate benefits of company’s glucoraphanin found in supplements and Brassica Tea.

Brassica Protection Products LLC, an innovator of nutritional ingredients from broccoli, announced the rebrand of its SGS™ brand of glucoraphanin to truebroc™. truebroc will continue to deliver at least 13 percent glucoraphanin, which is the most concentrated source of glucoraphanin from broccoli currently on the market. Brassica’s rebranding initiative includes a new truebroc logo and refreshed website and social media assets that reflect the new look and brand name.

“We are thrilled to unveil a new look for our high-quality glucoraphanin ingredient sourced from broccoli—truebroc,” said Tony Talalay, CEO of Brassica Protection Products. “As an ingredient supplier, we wanted to create a new name and logo that more explicitly communicates the source of our glucoraphanin to manufacturers and consumers alike. Our ingredient has not changed because we pride ourselves on providing the most concentrated glucoraphanin from a natural source and will continue to look for ways to innovate by adding truebroc to a variety of supplements and beverages.”

Glucoraphanin is an important phytonutrient found in broccoli that naturally works with the body’s own protective enzyme systems to provide a significant number of health benefits. It up-regulates phase 2 detoxification enzymes, providing protection against oxidative stress and increased antioxidant activity. When consumed, glucoraphanin is converted to a potent antioxidant and cellular protector called sulforaphane.

truebroc Glucoraphanin
truebroc glucoraphanin is extracted from seeds grown in the U.S. using a proprietary water extraction method. truebroc is self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and is both Kosher and Halal. It can be found in numerous products throughout the world, including Brassica® Tea with truebroc; Xymogen’s OncoPLEX™, i5 Energize™ and Nrf2 Activator™; Thorne’s Crucera-SGS® and MediClear-SGS™; Nuskin’s ageLOC R2; Jarrow Formulas® BroccoMax®; Nutramax Laboratories™ Avmacol®; Max International’s Max N-Fuze™; and Metagenics’ GlutaClear™. Consumers should look for the truebroc logo on product packaging to ensure they are getting a high-quality source of glucoraphanin.


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