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Bayir launches Bayir Gold commodity ingredients

Bayir launches Bayir Gold commodity ingredients
New line of commodity ingredients is supported by a sophisticated and comprehensive documentation management program that provides full accountability and traceability. 

Bayir Inc., the newly launched North American division of Bayir Group of India, has launched its Bayir Gold line of commodity ingredients supported by a sophisticated and comprehensive documentation management program that provides full accountability and traceability. The company has been manufacturing, processing and selling a wide variety of popular commodity nutraceutical, functional food and cosmeceutical ingredients to brand marketers worldwide for nearly three decades; all ingredients are in full compliance with regulations in nations on all five continents.

According to Sendhil Pani, head of international marketing, the commodity ingredient marketplace is robust, and innumerable natural product marketers may benefit by formulating with non-branded commodity ingredients. However, due to mistrust caused by suppliers that sell compromised or adulterated ingredients, Bayir Group and Bayir Inc. have developed Bayir Gold, ingredients that pass strict tests for authenticity, quality and safety, providing full traceability and therefore, trust. Some of the key Bayir Gold ingredients include boswellia, garcinia, glucosamine and chondroitin, and a wide range of herbal extracts for supplements and functional foods, natural colors and oleoresins.

"These days the only one thing common among commodity ingredients is their low price," Pani says. "Unfortunately this has led to many brand marketers that compromise on product quality for the sake of lower prices. We don’t think that is the right approach. While we understand that it is important to stay competitive, it cannot be at the cost of product quality and consumer safety. To combat this, Bayir Gold focuses on quality via documentation, not price."

Commodity ingredients, as with patented materials, are also subject to FDA regulations, and Bayir looked to those and GMPs as the source of its inspiration to create Bayir Gold. Further, explains Pani, the development of its ingredients and supporting comprehensive documentation program was enhanced by Bayir's vast experience in manufacturing technology, quality control and regulatory compliance.

Pani adds that patented, proprietary branded ingredients certainly have their place keying specific formulations; the IP portfolios and vast scientific and clinical investments made by such suppliers support their use. Yet when it comes to commodity ingredients, those that can be authenticated, qualified, quantified and traceable are equally as valuable. "Commodity ingredients that offer such substantiation must be viewed as economically as well as qualitatively valuable choices. Bayir Gold is set to lead the way industry thinks about and formulates with commodity ingredients," he says. 

All Bayir Gold products can be customized to meet a wide variety of usage and application requirements. "We encourage ingredient innovation and routinely work on higher assays, solubility, particle size, blends and granulations," Pani asserts.   


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