Gaia Herbs expands MeetYourHerbs traceability platform

Leader in organic herbal supplements enables consumers to engage with their herbs like never before.

Gaia Herbs™, the leading herbal brand in North America, extends an invitation to meet your herbs like never before with the newly expanded iteration of the company’s groundbreaking online herb transparency platform. MeetYourHerbs®, which is the only website of its kind in the natural products industry, continues Gaia’s commitment to traceability and accountability, encouraging visitors to explore the scientific analysis, validation methods and seed-to-shelf rigor administered to ensure the purity, integrity and potency of every product. First-of-their-kind features and robust visual components provide a rich, interactive user experience and an immersive look at the vibrancy, passion and wonder of each herb outside the bottle.

The new MeetYourHerbs, which improves upon the original version launched in 2010, features a dynamic, welcoming interface, allowing guests to connect with nature and experience the herbal process from seed to shelf. Complete with interactive maps of Gaia’s certified organic farms in the US and Costa Rica, visitors can explore each growing season through videos from Gaia founder Ric Scalzo, along with striking images and stories of the herbs, as they exist in nature. Additionally, visitors are invited on a journey through the growing and production processes, meeting the people and passion behind each harvest. The site encourages visitors to take a deeper dive into their herbs, with access to every test and process that validates the efficacy of all products made by Gaia, a long-time leader in traceability, transparency and efficacy. MeetYourHerbs also offers lifestyle tips and allows guests to share their herb stories while connecting with others.

MeetYourHerbs goes beyond trust to offer proof. By submitting the unique ID found on every product, visitors get a captivating look at how the herbs in a single batch were planted, cultivated and harvested. Alongside vivid imagery, traditional uses and structure-function statements for all herbs, the platform compiles test results and plant properties to provide guests with complete transparency and trust in their herbs. Visitors can explore certificates of safety and efficacy, providing further proof of Gaia’s commitment to purity, integrity and potency. Test results include raw material DNA validation, biomarker concentration levels and absence of microbes, pesticides and heavy metals.

“Our consumers are passionate about the safety and efficacy of the herbal products they consume,” said Ric Scalzo, Gaia Herbs founder and CEO. “It’s not enough for us to say our herbs are pure. MeetYourHerbs provides the proof and allows people to meet their herbs as we have stewarded the herbs to meet them.”

The new platform allows visitors to choose a variety of paths as they meet their herbs. Featuring a comprehensive library of Gaia’s herbs listed alphabetically, each ingredient is presented alongside a functional description and products that feature that herb. Additionally, guests can search a range of health concerns to locate complementary/suggested Gaia products. The versatility of MeetYourHerbs reinforces Gaia’s commitment to stewarding sustainable relationships between plants and people. Visitors can also access MeetYourHerbs from their mobile devices while in a store to access trustworthy information on herbal supplements.

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