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The Asian POV

Junius Rahardjo
<p>Junius Rahardjo</p>
CEO of Javaplant talks about new trends and sourcing for botanicals in Asia

FI: What botanicals are trending right now in Asia?

JR:Green coffee is becoming a trend in Asia now. Among Asian countries, Thailand is the most dynamic and receptive market to look at. Most of the green coffee goes to Thailand. Manufacturers are willing to try new things. Consumers are very vibrant.


FI: Sourcing ingredients from around the world brings up issues of adulteration. What questions should be asked of suppliers to vouchsafe ingredient integrity?

JR: Suppliers should provide all legalized documents of the manufacturers – production flow charts, production license, facility inspection reports from the local government agencies under the Ministry of Health. Manufacturers should provide guarantee letter to the customers that state their products are free from adulteration, and acknowledge by the local government agencies under the Ministry of Health.


FI: You are the first Asian concern to vacuum-dry ingredients. How do vacuum-dried extracts differ?

JR:To Javaplant, drying liquid concentrates in vacuum conditions is more efficient. Vacuum drying requires low temperatures to dry up liquid concentrates, which means bioactives are maintained at desired levels. Organoleptic aspects are well kept, too.


FI: How has partnering with B&D Nutritional Ingredients to distribute your botanical extractions into North America fit into your overall business strategy?

JR: For the past few years, we have been selling directly to our customers. Our customers would be very happy if we stock our inventories in the US so that customers can get the products in a timely manner. So B&D is a perfect solution to deliver customers' expectations. In addition, B&D has been very good in communication with our customers. So, having B&D as our representative in the US is a perfect decision for Javalant to grow and maintain customer relationships.



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