Life Extension launches video magazine

Life Extension launches video magazine

Lively monthly show will bring the highly acclaimed Life Extension Magazine to life, covering the latest and most important health and wellness issues.

Life Extension, a trailblazer in the $32 billion U.S. dietary supplement industry, has debuted “The Issue is Your Health,” a lively, monthly video magazine show hosted by Michael A. Smith, M.D., and senior health scientist. Every month, Dr. Smith will bring the pages of the highly acclaimed Life Extension Magazine to life with his insight and thought-provoking opinion into the latest and most important health and wellness issues.

Each show will address, in greater detail, health information published in the monthly print magazine edition, focusing on nutrition and techniques to optimize health and wellness issues, and pioneering research and disease prevention, as well as the latest, innovative scientific and medical breakthroughs from around the world. “The Issue is Your Health” video magazine series can be watched at

Dr. Smith will conduct intimate discussions with health influencers each month and discuss topics that are featured in the print edition of Life Extension Magazine.

“‘The Issue is Your Health’ is informative, fresh, smart, and stimulating, and we feel will help create an even better health-conscious lifestyle,” added Dr. Smith.

In the first show, Steven V. Joyal, M.D., Life Extension chief medical officer, discusses the newly revised Disease Prevention and Treatment book, which includes 130 evidence-based health protocols.

“Our goal is to further inspire viewers with intelligent ideas on how to live a healthier and longer life,” said Dr. Smith. 

Upcoming shows will feature interviews with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, sex therapist and author and Suzanne Somers, health advocate, author and television personality.


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