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AlaskOmega honored for transparent chain of custody

AlaskOmega honored for transparent chain of custody
New Engredea Editor’s Choice Award for Most Transparent Chain-of-Custody showcases Organic Technologies’ unique fish-source advantage based on MSC-certified sustainable Alaska Pollock.

Organic Technologies, producer of AlaskOmega® omega-3 fish oil products, announced that it was awarded the Engredea Editor’s Choice Award for Most Transparent Chain-of-Custody at the recent Expo West show held in Anaheim, Calif. This distinction, representing a new award category for Engredea, showcases Organic Technologies’ unique fish source advantage based on MSC-certified sustainable Alaska Pollock, and reflects the growing importance of supply chain sustainability and traceability to the industry.

The Alaska Pollock crude fish oil supplied to Organic Technologies comes directly from its fishing partners in the Pacific Northwest as a byproduct from processing the Pollock for human consumption. The oil is then further refined and purified by Organic Technologies into omega-3 concentrates at their GMP plant located in Ohio, providing full supply chain transparency from fishing boat to finished drum of oil, and ultimately to the AlaskOmega customer.  

“The strength and simplicity of our supply chain is one of our main advantages, remarked Steve Dillingham, global director for AlaskOmega Ingredients.  “Our AlaskOmega oil is certified sustainable and traceable by the Marine Stewardship Council, as is the entire Alaska Pollock fishery, which is holistically managed by the State of Alaska as well.  This allows for a very healthy, dependable and robust Pollock fishery,” continued Dillingham, “which has grown 65 percent in biomass from 2014”, according to a recent NOAA report.  “We are honored to be recognized with this Engredea Editor’s Choice Award for our standout position on chain-of-custody transparency.”



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