AMI introduces 54°North Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

AMI introduces 54°North Omega-3 with Vitamin D3

Made from fresh, sustainable Alaska pollock, the supplement provides 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA in a single softgel.

Seattle-based American Marine Ingredients today announced the release of a new, highly concentrated omega-3 supplement—54°North™ Omega 3 with Vitamin D3. Made completely in the United States from fresh, sustainable Alaska pollock, the supplement provides 1,000 milligrams of EPA and DHA omega-3 in a single softgel. American Marine Ingredients, through its affiliates and refining partners, also controls every aspect of the production of the supplement, from catching the fish all the way to the bottle, so consumers can get their omega-3s direct from the fisherman.

American Marine Ingredients is part of one of the country’s most successful fishing companies, American Seafoods Group, and all the fish oil used in 54°North Omega 3 with Vitamin D3 is made from Alaska pollock caught by their fishermen in Alaska’s Bering Sea. “As consumers become more interested in the sources of their food, including their nutritional supplements, we wanted to offer a link directly back to the fisherman,” said Richard Draves, vice president of American Marine Ingredients. “So just like you know your farmer at the farmers’ market, you can also know the fisherman who harvested the fish used in your omega-3 supplement.”

Draves also highlighted the impact catching their own fish has on the quality of the fish oil in 54°North Omega 3 with Vitamin D3. “Our fish are all harvested and processed at sea immediately after they are caught, so our fish oil is really fresh,” said Draves. “This gives us high quality omega-3 fatty acids without a fishy smell or taste,” he added. “Fresh oil tastes fresh, and requires minimal purification and no flavoring or coloring to mask off-flavors or odors.”

Controlling the product all the way back to the ocean also provides advantages for the sustainability of the product. All fish used in 54°North Omega 3 with Vitamin D3 is Alaska pollock, the largest fishery in the United States and largest fishery certified as sustainable by the internationally recognized Marine Stewardship Council. Sourcing from this single fishery and catching the fish directly improves product traceability and safety as well. All fish can be traced by to the time and location of the catch and the name of the boat that caught it. The product is also certified for label claims and content by IFOS, the International Fish Oil Standards program to ensure that it exceeds global standards for omega-3 supplements.

The new supplement was introduced by American Marine Ingredients in Booth 689 at Natural Products Expo West.


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