Biodroga launches omega-3 camelina oil

Biodroga launches omega-3 camelina oil

Biodroga’s camelina oil is the most stable source of vegetable omega-3 currently available.

Biodroga Inc., world leader in omega-3 oils, supplements and other specialty oil products, announced the availability of its new 100 percent Canadian Camelina sativa oil. Specializing in fully customized products from formulation to retail-ready items, bulk raw materials, soft gels and capsules, Biodroga is proud to add to its already impressive roster of quality offerings.

Fairly new to the market, Camelina sativa oil has an especially high concentration of omega-3, -6 and -9, in a 2:1:2 ratio. Omega-3 and -6 are essential fatty acids (EFAs) that have long been recognized for their many powerful and proven health benefits. Biodroga’s camelina oil is naturally rich in plant sterols and gamma-tocopherol which makes it the most stable source of vegetable omega-3 currently available. In fact, it is specifically because of its enviable oxidative stability that camelina oil is a better alternative to the traditional flax seed oil. Finally, as a 100 percent natural vegetable oil, its high smoke point (200°C/400°F) and almond-like flavor and aroma make it a particularly attractive non-GMO alternative to most other specialty cooking oils such as canola oil.

Grown in the Great Canadian Prairies, Biodroga’s camelina fields are harvested and the seeds carefully collected, cleaned and pressed to produce the purest and highest possible quality camelina oil on the market.

“In addition to supplying an impressive dose of omega-3, -6 and -9, which makes it a good source of EFA for the maintenance of good health, our camelina oil is extremely robust and of exceptional oxidative stability, both important qualities for a heart-healthy functional food oil,” said François-Karl Brouillette, M.Sc., vice president of scientific affairs at Biodroga. “We are also particularly thrilled to be able to offer a 100 percent vegetable omega-3 oil with such a high smoke point; this makes it the only omega-3-rich oil you can actually cook with! As well, the fact that camelina oil comes from an entirely renewable resource whose culture and growth does not require any pesticides or adversely affect the environment is another important advantage, one of which we are very proud,” he added.


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