GC Rieber debuts high-potency fish oil at SSW

GC Rieber debuts high-potency fish oil at SSW

Company's new manufacturing facility in Kristiansund, Norway, has tripled its omega-3 production and facilitated upgrades to its entire line of premium omega-3 concentrates. 

GC Rieber Oils AS, producer of some of the world’s finest marine-sourced oils—exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Novel Ingredient Services—has continued to upgrade its entire line of premium quality omega-3 concentrates. These include improvements to ingredient quality, potency and purity; extended shelf life; new and improved omega-3 concentrates; and in-demand quality/sustainability certifications.
Expanded production, enhanced quality
GC Rieber Oils' newly opened manufacturing facility in Kristiansund, Norway, has tripled its omega-3 production. The company has not only introduced new processing equipment, but also innovative techniques for optimized ingredient refinement—such as distillation and deodorization. These quality improvements have enabled GC Rieber to reduce the maximum TOTOX (total oxidation value) level of its fish oils to 12. GOED's (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) voluntary monograph for TOTOX levels is 26 maximum.

While GC Rieber's omega-3 concentrates have always contained fewer environmental contaminants—such as PCBs, dioxins, peroxides, and heavy metals—than allowed by international standards and guidelines, the new production process has reduced trace contaminants to industry minimums and, in some cases, to non‑detectable levels. In addition, the shelf life for all GC Rieber Oils omega-3 concentrates has increased to three years.

"Our specifications have undergone a strict tightening regime," said Jan Roger Bjerkestrand, managing director of GC Rieber Oils. "GC Rieber's high-potency omega-3 concentrates now have some of the fish oil industry's lowest oxidation-content and environmental-toxin levels, consistently exceeding industry standards for quality and purity." 

In-demand new ingredients and certifications
GC Rieber Oils' factory upgrades have facilitated both ingredient improvements and line extensions. At SupplySide West, Oct. 8 and 9 (Booth #19122), the company is introducing an even higher potency version of its leading ingredient, 70 DHA Ultra. This unique 90% omega-3 fish oil, which has always offered quality and omega-3 levels comparable to pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, will now provide a minimum DHA level of 700 mg/g and at least 850 mg/g of total omega-3s, providing one of the industry's highest concentrations of DHA. Previously provided only in the natural triglyceride (TG) form, 70 DHA Ultra will now also be available in the popular ethyl ester (EE) form.  In addition, GC Rieber Oils is unveiling VivoMega 4030, a balanced DHA:EPA concentrate with a minimum of 700 mg/g total omega-3s in both TG and EE forms. 

As a leadership member of GOED, GC Rieber Oils has continued its commitment to preserving marine habitats, securing certifications from Friend of the Sea (FOS) and IFFO RS (IFFO Global Standard for Responsible Supply), two of the industry's most respected and rigorous agencies governing sustainable fishery. In addition, all GC Rieber omega-3 concentrates are now Halal certified. 

"GC Rieber's advances in ingredient quality, purity and stability - coupled with its half-century of experience and expertise—give these Norwegian-refined omega-3 concentrates a significant competitive advantage," said Bob Green, chairman of Novel Ingredient Services. "We are confident that more and more U.S. manufacturers will make the switch to what is one of the safest, premium-quality functional fish oil brands on the world market today."


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