Golden Omega gets IFFO certification

Golden Omega gets IFFO certification

Company earned certification for showing exceptional responsibility in how it harvests ocean fish for its omega-3 oils and produces a pure finished product.

Golden Omega has earned certification by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) for showing exceptional responsibility in how the company harvests ocean fish for its omega-3 oils and produces a pure finished product.

In a letter, the IFFO wrote that it granted IFFO RS Chain of Custody for Golden Omega’s “responsible supply of fish meal and fish oil.” The RS stands for “responsible supply,” and the Chain of Custody refers to Golden Omega sourcing its fish from IFFO RS certified suppliers. Those suppliers are primarily Golden Omega’s majority shareholders Corpesca and Orizon, which already have IFFO RS certification.

The IFFO is an international non-profit organization that represents fishmeal and fish oil producers and related industries. IFFO conducts independent audits of processing plants to confirm responsible raw material sourcing and production.

The certification is significant because the IFFO has determined that Golden Omega, like its parent organizations, obtains fish for its oils from responsibly managed factories and supply chains, yielding a pure and safe product with full traceability to its source.

The certification also signals that Golden Omega supports sustainable fishing practices, thereby helping to ensure future fish supplies. The certification is especially important given that some raw material suppliers and nations have been known to overfish and deplete fish supplies without regard for future stocks.

The IFFO audit of Golden Omega’s Arica fish oil plant in Chile was conducted in January.

“The vertical integration of Golden Omega’s business and its parent organizations enables full control from ocean-going fishing vessels to the processing of refined fish oils that meet the industry’s highest standards,” says Michael Fisher, managing director of Golden Omega USA. “We control the entire process, from fishing to finished product.”

Fisher added, “We all have a responsibility to the environment and maintaining fish populations for future generations. I’m proud to be part of a quality-minded company with this foresight.”

According to a news release from the IFFO, certification is granted after auditing demonstrates that a company “must demonstrate sourcing from well managed fisheries and safe and traceable production.”


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