Norwegian Minister of Fisheries visits Denomega

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries visits Denomega

Elisabeth Aspaker learned how Denomega’s taste- and odor-free omega-3 oils are used in functional foods and supplements.

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Elisabeth Aspaker, visited Denomega’s marine oil factory in Ålesund, Norway. There she had the opportunity to hear about how Denomega’s taste-and-odor-free omega-3 oils are used in functional foods and food supplements, and to taste the oils and various foods made with the oils.

Aspaker was impressed with how the company has managed to create such a good-tasting fish oil product. The minister and her delegation visited Denomega in order to better understand how top marine ingredient companies are working with, among other things, innovation.  At Denomega they learned how the factory produces the unique taste-and-odor-free omega-3 oil.

“We were very pleased to have the minister here. She had a chance to see how we use ultra-fresh fish to create a healthy oil that can be used in many foods, beverages and supplements. Functional foods is a relatively new and interesting area in the omega-3 industry,” said Finn Giske, factory manager at Denomega in Ålesund.

“Denomega is active internationally and has our largest customers in the U.S. and Europe. The factory in Ålesund was established in 2008 and produces primarily oil from cod, salmon and trout. Over the past year, we have also worked to get taste-and-odor-free oil from herring and capelin—with good results!”

“The secret is local, ultra-fresh raw materials, unique processing which is quick, thorough and gentle and specialized equipment. Last year, Denomega received the prestigious ”iTQi Superior Taste Award” for the taste and quality of our cod liver, salmon and fish oils,” Giske said.

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