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Pizza healthier than farmed salmon, claims paper

A British paper compared the fat content of farmed smoked salmon with a pizza, in an analysis that highlighted the difference between farmed salmon and wild-caught fish.

Think Shark Week was scary?

Farmed salmon’s scarier. And though rogue salmon are not leaping from the sea chomping on surfers, they’re way deadlier.

The U.K.’s Sunday Times found that the innocent-seeming salmon may pose a killer threat to people. The story was noted on

The journalists discovered that although it’s promoted as a healthy food, eating salmon raised on farms may be worse for you than snarfing pizza.

For their analysis, they compared various brands of smoked farmed salmon to a margarita pie from a chain restaurant and found that the fish delivered twice as much fat as the pizza. The farmed salmon contained three times as much fat as the wild-caught salmon.

When you look at the lives of these fish, it’s not surprising why the wild ones, who swim miles in search of food and spawning grounds, are slim. They also have lower levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

"The farmed salmon is a couch potato compared to the majestic and iconic wild salmon,” Don Staniford, director of the Global Alliance against Industrial Aquaculture, told the Sunday Times. "It is complete nonsense to describe this flabby farmed fish as lean and healthy."

The Times makes sure to note that neither fatty farmed salmon or pizza are not good choices for a healthy meal. Clearly, they were overlooking the perfectly nutritious pizza designed by a Scottish professor and launched last year, that provides the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals recommended by U.K. health guidelines.

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