The Sound of Nutrition: Vol. III - krill & curcumin

The Sound of Nutrition, Vol. III: Omegas, Curcumin

(Sung to the tune of “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”)


You wait little pill

On an empty shelf

For retailers to turn the light on


Your life supplement pill

Is an empty page

That researchers will want to study on


(To study on)


You are fish oil going on krill oil

Maybe it’ll help me think

Better beware

Make sure you’re sustainable

Baby you’re on the brink!


You need someone

Independent third party

Checking sustainability

I’m am an NGO, Marine Stewardship Council

I’ll take care of you.


I am turmeric going on curcumin

I know I’m an anti-inflammatory

A thousand published studies in 2012

And willingly I believe!


I need someone

Older and wiser

Telling me what to do

You are a marketer telling my story

I’ll depend on you!

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