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4 successful natural food packaging updates

Consumers can make purchasing decisions in a matter of seconds. These new packaging updates better communicate not just what's inside but also the products' values and sourcing practices.  

Slide the dial (positioned in the middle of each picture) to view each product’s packaging before and after redesign

Crunchies Freeze-Dried Fruit

This clean-label brand sells freeze-dried fruits and recently made a big switch from its signature green packaging to a sleek, minimally colored design. Crunchies’ new packaging not only highlights the healthy fruits inside, but also bolsters brand recognition because we can better spot the brand name. Before, the word “Crunchies” was getting lost in the green package.

I Heart Keenwah

We love the heart-shaped design on I Heart Keenwah’s new packaging that hints both of the tasty clusters inside and of quinoa’s healthfulness. “The new product packaging has a bright, modern look that makes it really pop on shelves,” says Ravi Jolly, I Heart Keenwah’s co-founder and president. “Initial consumer feedback has been very positive, and we look forward to rolling it out nationwide in the coming months.”


Wholesome!'s bright new redesign will deliver a pop of color to the sugar section. A monochromatic bag makes the brand’s Non-GMO Project Verification and Fair Trade Certified seals more visible, and an added exclamation point to the brand’s name suggests energy and excitement.

The Happy Egg Co. 

Happy Egg’s redesign is small but significant. The brand’s signature yellow carton is the same, but the company included photographs of real hens on the package to convey Happy Egg’s commitment to a free-range product. “The new packaging visually conveys the true and compelling story of how our hens are raised, helping consumers identify that Happy Egg Co. eggs are the gold standard in free range,” explains Marketing Director Jenni Danby.



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