Bizerba TDTF label gives consumers clear view

Bizerba TDTF label gives consumers clear view

New transparent label strengthens trust in brand.

Bizerba has developed a new thermal label, which can be stuck onto shrink wrapped fresh food products almost invisibly, and allows consumers a clear view of the product. This means that the customer can better assess the product quality, which can contribute to increased trust in the brand.

These days, consumers have a huge selection of pre-packed, fresh food in the supermarket. Thereby, low prices are often not the only purchase criteria. After numerous food scandals, for many people, it is more important than ever to look very carefully at the product quality before purchasing.

Labels are often a hindrance in this, because they cover the actual content of the product, explains Marc Büttgenbach, sales director of labels and consumables at Bizerba: "That is why we have developed a new thermal label, made of transparent film material: the Thermo Direct Transparent Film label (TDTF). Variable product information such as price and weight, additional information and batch codes can be positioned flexibly on this."

Competitive advantage: transparent label strengthens brand loyalty of the consumer
The TDTF label is almost invisible and is particularly suitable for fresh food packaging with pre-printed foils. Compared to the traditional paper labels, the consumer has a clearer view of the product, and can therefore critically assess the product quality. Büttgenbach is convinced that these labels are an important competitive advantage: "They are an innovative approach in the world of standard product packaging, and contribute to increased brand loyalty of the consumer." However, it is not only the clear view of the product which is an advantage: "If variable information needs to be added to very high quality packaging, with elaborate printing and a high level of finishing, this can be realized very discreetly with the TDTF label: it gives a no label look."

Avoiding thermal transfer ribbon: saturated writing, higher plant efficiency and less waste
With thermal transfer labels, transfer ribbons for printing are often still a necessary evil. Bizerba on the other hand, uses a technology, where the heating elements of the print heads act directly on the label - not on the thermal transfer ribbon in between. Therefore, the blackening does not occur on the surface of the label, but on the inside. This brings some advantages, explains Büttgenbach: "The thermal transfer ribbon tends to create wrinkles, and make the codes, texts and logos hard to read. In addition, the text often appears in a dark grey. With the Bizerba TDTF label, the writing is saturated, and above all more robust: It is resistant to mechanical influences, wet and cold during transport." Manufacturers can therefore be assured, that no retailer will reject their goods due to barely legible labels. They also increase plant efficiency, as the set up time for the change of the transfer ribbon is omitted, and lower waste costs."

The new TDTF label works on all Bizerba labeling machines. The maximum printing speed is 150 millimeters per second. It can be preprinted in several colors even with high resolution 2D codes. "Combined with packaging films", concludes Büttgenbach, "spectacular product appearances will be possible - for food and non-food producers alike."


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