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Dual-chamber supplement bottle makes US debut

Dual-chamber supplement bottle makes US debut
Innovative dual-chamber bottle keeps dry functional ingredients separate from liquid contents until the moment of use.

Manufacturing and packaging startup company Amerigo Laboratories announces the North American launch of an innovative and interactive dual-chamber bottle that keeps dry, functional ingredients separate from liquid contents until the moment of use.

"The patented New Shaker, as the bottle model is called, launched in 1998," said Ralph Maser, CEO of Amerigo Laboratories. "While the packaging is expected to sell more than 225 million units in Europe this year, it has never been available in North America. Until now."

The single-dose, dual-chamber system stores the dry, functional-ingredient powders in a plug and plunger located under the cap, with a flavored liquid contained in the bottle. To use, the consumer screws the cap down, past the safety ring, until the cap rests on the bottle shoulder. This causes the plunger to press through the plug, releasing the dry powder into the liquid below. The consumer gives the bottle a quick shake, removes the cap and drinks the contents.

This separation helps keep dry functional ingredients as stable and fresh as possible and prevents degradation. The packaging provides more opportunity to combine a multitude of ingredients and ingredient types with the liquid delivery format. The bottle is available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 60ml in a variety of shapes and colors.

"I have been manufacturing products to improve health for 25 years,” Maser stated. “In an industry obsessed with keeping production costs as low as possible, traditional delivery forms (tablets and capsules) are always the first thought. The end results for consumers are tablets and capsules that may be difficult to swallow and digest, especially for children and seniors. There is no thought towards the percentage of our population that can't take tablets or capsules due to gastrointestinal concerns or won't, due to the fear of choking. Because the body must first 'break up' and dissolve a tablet/capsule into a liquid before the ingredients can be absorbed and start working, supplements already in liquid form will always be more effective."

Amerigo Labs is confident that the benefits provided by this advanced packaging will differentiate products for manufacturers who choose to be on the cutting edge of introducing an innovative, convenient and interactive packaging alternative to their customers. "It will always be less expensive to make a tablet or capsule than a solution,” Maser added. “That is why it is important to explain how our single-dose packaging will provide a healthier impact than the same ingredients in any other dosage form.”

Maser says that in the European market, the differentiation the New Shaker provides has improved sales for "stagnant or declining" products. Innovative packaging is especially important in the dietary supplement and cosmetic market where many products appear similar. "Traction is growing due to companies wanting to differentiate their product lines from anything in their industry," he said.


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