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Package spotlight: 3 excellent natural product redesigns

Get your packaging inspiration from these stellar natural rebrands.

Shoppers can make purchasing decisions in mere seconds, which leaves little time for food and beverage brands to communicate to consumers about their products. This issue is compounded when brands are pioneers in a category and offer innovative products that need a bit of explaining.

Here, learn how the companies behind cactus water, dairy-free dessert and dehydrated coconut water fine-tuned their brand messaging through improved packaging.

Slide the dial (positioned in the middle of each picture) to view each product’s packaging before and after redesign

Caliwater Cactus Water

Packaged in a lightweight Tetra Pak and embellished with light-hearted doodles, Caliwater's redesign transforms what could be an odd, off-putting beverage (it is cactus water, after all), into a surprisingly approachable product. Even though the descriptor "cactus water" is now smaller than before, a bright pink color allows it to pop against a white background.

NadaMoo Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

With emphasized flavors (who doesn't love cookies and creme?), updated fonts and stark, striking color blocks that vary from flavor to flavor, NadaMoo achieves brand recognition in the dessert freezer.

Big Tree Farms CocoHydro

Big Tree Farm's prior packaging was sleek and attractive, but it didn't clearly indicate that CocoHydro is a powdered coconut beverage. So kudos for including the refreshing coconut splashing water onto the front package, and enhancing "coconut water hydration". Plus, we dig the small infographic on the top of the bag.

Do you know of a company that recently rebranded? Let us know in the comments below!

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