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Packaging spotlight: 3 natural product updates we love

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Take a gander...these package redesigns put the focus on ingredients, flavors and product attributes.

It's difficult to determine the ROI on natural product rebranding, but because packaging is the main way shoppers choose products, we can surmise that it's pretty important. But packaging is finicky: it must communicate what's physically inside the bottle, bag or pouch, but also stand out on the shelf.

These three recent natural product redesigns are prime examples of successful updates.

Use the slider in the middle of each image to see the before-and-after of each package

Go Veggie!

With muted colors, blocky text and a window to see the goodness inside, Go Veggie’s rebrand better communicates to consumers that it is a natural product. Go Veggie is a unique cheese alternative brand because its products cater to both vegan and lactose intolerant shoppers. Read: Some products contain casein, a milk protein. With bright messaging, Go Veggie highlights product attributes more clearly.

“After listening to our consumers, we’ve revamped our packaging to make it easier to understand our product segmentation and health benefits,” says Whitney Velasco-Aznar, vice president of Galaxy Nutritional Foods, in a statement. “With this redesign we unified the range, making us more identifiable and approachable.”

Bare Snacks


In this recent package update, Bare Snacks put all of the focus on the ingredients. They ditched the busy packaging and instead made the word “Bare” appear to be made out of the actual ingredient inside. The banana is more prominent, and consumers can see how the delicate banana chips are unlike the more common deep-fried versions. “In an effort to better communicate the simplicity of our truly good-for-you snacks, we wanted to create a clean brand look that more accurately reflects our commitment to simple, real ingredients that still deliver the satisfying crunch of a chip,” said Dana Ginsburg, director of marketing at Bare Snacks, in a press release. "Our modern packaging makeover perfectly expresses our brand promise to consumers in a fresh new way that puts our ingredients front and center." Pretty cool.

You can’t see it here, but the back of the package displays even more ingredient-focused glamour shots.

Nuts About Granola

From a brand that sells three separate and distinct lines (Nuts About Granola, Forager and Sarah’s Savory Snacks) comes an updated, pared down package that can hold its own on the crowded granola and snack aisle. Color blocks indicate specific flavors, while a square, translucent cut-out provides a window to the actual granola clusters.

We also love the subtle watermark on each package, which adds texture and general store charm.

Do you like these redesigns? Let us know in the comments section below!

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