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Packaging spotlight: 5 natural product rebrands that rock

Kashi new packaging 2016
Kashi, Mighty Leaf and more get fresh new looks.

A look at the newest natural product rebrands and package redesigns that attract consumer attention on the store shelf, and communicate company ethos to the retailer.


We're wildly impressed by LoveTheWild's (formerly LoveWild) new and improved package for its frozen meal kit. Inside each box you'll find two 6 oz. frozen fish filets, along with a beautifully crafted frozen sauce that pairs perfectly with each type of fish and heart-shaped parchment paper to cook the fish in a French style known as en papillote.

This brand update is chock-full of stellar design elements: A white background to make the product stand out in frozen food sections. Ingredients that comprise the frozen sauce are up-front (depicted inside the fish), which makes it easier to understand how to cook this unique product. Plus, LoveTheWild changed the company name to better represent where their fully traceable fish comes from — the company sources fish from both wild and sustainable aquaculture farms. Very cool.




Kashi's new packaging reflects the company's commitment to offering clean-ingredient formulations. It showcases exactly what type of cereal is inside the box — in magnified relief. "At Kashi, we are inspired by some of the world's most vibrant ingredients and love bringing them together to create tasty food that also delivers the best possible nutrition," said Jeff Johnson, surfing nutritionist and senior director of marketing and new ventures at Kashi, in a press release. "The new packaging reinforces our belief that foods should be clean and purposeful — the two ideas simply go together."

Equally exciting is the back of the package, which features editorial-style stories of farmers who grew main ingredients, with beautiful accompanying photos.


Yai's Thai


This Denver-based brand rocked their relatively recent package update, which overhauled the original package's colors, logo and overall aesthetic. Inspired by recipes passed down by the co-founder's "Yai" (Thai for "grandmother"), this condiment company infuses salsas with traditional Thai ingredients including ginger, cilantro, Thai chilies, lime and more. Look closely at the logo and you'll spot a Thai-style boat.

Thrive by GoMacro


This chewy, USDA Organic certified bar from GoMacro was developed to offer consumers greater choices when it came to snacking. At 180 calories, these tasty, palatable bars are available in a variety of interesting flavors, including wild blueberries and lavender, ginger and lemon, caramel and coconut, almond and apricot, and more.

The original packaging was fun, bright and eye-catching. It depicted the actual bar texture via a cellophane window, which was an unexpected touch. But admittedly, it did look like a kid's nutrition product — which was odd because Thrive's flavors are rather grown up. The new packaging successfully communicates to consumers a greater level of maturity. The font is angular rather than loopy; it's lines crisp rather than circular. We also love the new tagline, "Ingredients grown not made."


Mighty Leaf


This 20-year-old brand recently unveiled a new look designed to better appeal to millennial tea drinkers. "In addition to the new design, it features a lower price, new flavors and new certifications, all while maintaining the tea quality and quantity. This adds up to an outstanding value for consumers and greater sales for our retail partners," explains Sheila Stanziale, Mighty Leaf Tea's CEO, in a press release.

Mighty Leaf's new pyramid-shaped pouches are a unique way to infuse luxe consumer experience — they look unique, and they also allow space for the tea leaves to unfurl completely, which many believe makes a better cup of tea. The inverted triangle at the top of the package effectively communicates the new bag shape.


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