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A Reason To Recycle

A Reason To Recycle

Are you still looking for a good reason to recycle? In Trash to Can (Saint Lucie, 1996), author Fran Berman reveals motivating statistics. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 35-foot-tall trees, enough oil for a drive from Dallas to Los Angeles, enough energy to power the average home for six months, and landfill space as large as a full-size pickup truck. What's more, recycling has become easier than ever with regular curbside pickups and easy-access drop-off centers. Although programs vary from city to city, most recycling centers offer comprehensive services, taking mixed paper, junk mail, magazines, photocopies, computer printouts, and cereal boxes, as well as newspaper, phone books, corrugated cardboard, glass, metal cans, plastic, and more. Learn more about your local recycling services by going to Earth 911 ( and typing in your zip code. Also, remember to complete the cycle: According to the Internet Consumer Recycling Guide (, if you're not buying recycled products, you're not recycling.

—Delicious Living

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