Barnana co-founder on the challenges and rewards of upcycling 'ugly' bananas

Because ugly fruit needs love, too.

Barnana, makers of banana-based dehydrated snacks, is on a mission to reduce food waste in Latin America, a region where much food is wasted in the field before it reaches distribution. Banana farmers alone can lose up to 20 percent of their bananas because they aren't cosmetically appealing. They may have bumps, bruises and scratches on their peel, making them unsuitable to export. So-called "ugly" bananas often rot in the field.

Barnana's solution is to upcyle these dinged-up, potassium-laden fruits and craft them into sweet and savory snacks. At Expo West 2018, Barnana co-founder Nik Ingersöll talks about the challenges of importing ugly bananas for food and how his company is dedicated to eradicating food waste in the future.

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