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Chef-created Render brand products hit shelves

Render Render state bird seed
How one restaurant lab is supporting innovative product development.

Meet Pilot, an independent R&D lab that works with a range of restaurants to support a range of food projects. “Chefs can hire Pilot to assist them in developing products, creating restaurant concepts, scaling operations, producing media content, or anything else they can dream of, all under their own name and brand,” says co-founder and CEO Dana Peck.

But for chefs who have a great idea but not the time, Pilot offers a brand called Render. “For Render, the chefs we collaborate with are involved in the creative process, they weigh in on the prototype development and approve the final product, and help to market it,” Peck explains. Otherwise, Pilot handles everything else, allowing busy chefs to make their ideas a reality without embarking on a full blown product development and marketing initiative that can take them away from their restaurants.

Here are just some of the innovative Render products hitting shelves in California natural food stores and online. In 2018, Peck hopes to reach to national distribution.

  • State Bird Seed: Created in collaboration with Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, award-winning chefs at Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions and The Progress in San Francisco, State Bird Seed is a snack made of puffed quinoa, seeds, nuts and spices, and inspired by a quinoa dish served at the restaurant.
  • On deck for spring is a new sparkling beverage line that blends whey with fruit, spices and floral ingredients.
  • Also hitting shelves spring 2018 will be a savory, still beverage made from pickle brine, vegetables and spices. “Picture tomato juice or a virgin Bloody Mary and then turn the volume way up,” says Peck.
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