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grocery store dietitian Pay-Less O.N.E.

Guam’s affordable grocery chain expands into natural and organics

A truly affordable natural and organic retail front opens.

The largest grocer in Guam is now operating a grocery store focused on natural and organic foods—and affordability. Owned by Dededo Pay-Less Supermarkets, Pay-Less O.N.E. (Organic + Natural + Education) is the latest development in the company’s foray into consumer health and education. The company hired a registered dietitian, Rosae Calvo, in 2015, to help grow its Health Smart program, providing guidance in healthy product selections, conducting educational programs and promoting fitness through gym partners.

“With these in place, it helped pave the way for the opening of Pay-Less O.N.E., which falls in line with one important point in our renewed mission statement to ‘care for our community’,” Calvo and marketing manager Carina Pegarido wrote in a joint email statement. 

True to its name, Pay-Less makes affordability a priority. "Our buying team seeks out good deals, so in turn, we can offer those deals to our customers," Calvo and Pegarido continued, adding they offer a 10 percent discount on natural and organic products to Calvo’s Lifestyle Club card holders.

Calvo recognizes that in seeking such deals, the chain has limited bargaining power when dealing with its primary supplier, which is based on the U.S. mainland, because of its small size and remote location. "However, we do source some natural/organic products from local vendors," she said. "In this context, we are in a position to negotiate deals unique to our company. As Guam's largest grocer, our stores provide expansive opportunity for debuting new products and increasing accessibility."

Just over a month old, the store has already experienced significant growth in natural and organics, and has seen strong interest in its education program, with cooking demonstrations and classes filling up very quickly.

Pay-Less’ Health Smart Education effort includes programs, free of cost, such as:

  • Nutritionist-led shopping tours
  • Dietitian’s Corner
  • Signage
  • eduKitchen, featuring cooking demos and sustainability workshops
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