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How Good Spread encourages consumers to track their impact

Young girl eating vitamin-fortified peanut butter
Connection is key for this peanut butter brand that puts mission first, product second.

Like many products operating in the natural space, Good Spread peanut butter is a product with a purpose. But unlike most brands, Good Spread was born out of a nonprofit initiative, and exists almost solely to benefit it. And, unlike other brands which may "match" purchases with donations, Good Spread consumers can actually track the impact of their specific purchase.

Good Spread was born from MANA Nutrition, a nonprofit organization that makes vitamin-fortified peanut butter used to treat severe acute malnutrition (SAM), the leading cause of death for children under age five globally. The good news is that SAM is completely curable—in less than six weeks, says Good Spread, MANA's therapeutic peanut butter can cure 96 percent of cases. But there's a gap in the availability of the cure and the number of children who need it. So, Good Spread was born. With each jar of Good Spread purchased, a dose of MANA's treatment is shipped to a malnourished child somewhere in the world.

In an effort to further connect consumers to the positive impact of their purchase, each jar contains a code on the lid. When a consumer purchases the jar, they have the option to text or enter the code online to be notified of when and where the treatment is delivered.

Registering their code also takes shoppers to a website that provides more information about malnutrition, what’s being done about it, and the conditions their purchase helps to address. Plus, anyone who participates gets a discount coupon for a future purchase of Good Spread. Why should Good Spread take this extra effort? "People want to be personally, directly connected to their impact," says CEO Robbie Vitrano. "They want to know that it's real, not a guilt trip or marketing come-on, but that it matters."

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