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How two brands created a product inspired by stay-at-home culture

Bridge Lane Wine Parm Crisps and Bridge Lane Wine & Cheese Box
Two New York companies team up to bring wine and cheese pairings straight to consumers’ doors.

It’s hard to view the pandemic in a positive light, but one bright spot among the chaos is the creativity it’s sparked within the natural products space. 

Case in point: quarantine living inspired a clever and tasty collaboration between two New York companies. 

In April, nutritionally on-trend snack brand ParmCrisps teamed up with Bridge Lane Wine (a sister label of New York's Lieb Cellars) to bring consumers something special during uncertain times. Their limited-edition Wine & Cheese Box pairs Bridge Lane's Red Blend Wine with ParmCrisps Original 100% Parmesan cheese crisps. The Red Blend is a Bordeaux-style blend with red fruit and black cherry notes and a hint of oaky spice. ParmCrisps Original oven-baked cheese crisps are made entirely from 100% aged Parmesan (great for keto and low carb lifestyles) and pair perfectly with the wine's medium body and smooth finish. 

ParmCrisps Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Joseph said the idea originated from the desire to create a cheese and wine pairing that could be delivered straight to consumers’ doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, since shoppers weren’t going to the grocery store as often

“We set out to partner with a wine brand that was independent, small batch and had similar attributes as ParmCrisps, and found Bridge Lane Wine, whose ideals fit perfectly with our own,” Joseph says. “Not only could we create a unique product that could bring a little joy through the pandemic, but by partnering with Bridge Lane Wine, we could also help support a neighboring New York-based business.”

The two brands worked quickly to find, design and produce the box, splitting responsibilities and functioning as one team. In this case, being a small brand had its advantages: Small staffs allowed clear and efficient communication, and a shared emphasis on sustainability and healthy living made the project meaningful and fun. After packaging the box, it was sent to Bridge Lane Wine for assembly.

The decision to launch exclusively online was in part to make the product available during a time when people wanted groceries and snacks delivered to them, and in part because it was a limited-time offer and allowed expedited production efforts. 

“We found that as long as trucks were still delivering products, bringing the product to the market digitally made sense,” Joseph says. “During this challenging time, the online-only launch was more intuitive.”

Judging by consumer response, the box is a crowd pleaser and Joseph says that though the partnership with Bridge Lane is a first, he hopes to team up with other brands for similar projects in the future. 

“Wine and cheese simply go together, and when you pair a craft snack with a craft beverage, you create a winning combination,” he says. “We also saw our social media communities merge from the collaboration and drove awareness to each other’s consumer base.” 

The limited-edition Wine & Cheese Box is available online at for $40 per box while supplies last. We’ll drink—and snack—to that. 

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