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Innovation and lessons from the plant kingdom and beyond – Fodder podcast

Getty Images For the Biome Fodder podcast
In this episode of the Fodder podcast, learn about some of Paul Schulick’s latest lessons from the plant kingdom and get a little philosophical about that world, ours and how they intersect. It all matters when it comes to innovation.

Paul Schulick, founder of the groundbreaking supplement company New Chapter, has taken on a new frontier with his latest brand, For the Biome.

For the Biome launched to the public recently with a natural skin care line born of microbiome support. It features waterless products, fermented cleansers, prebiotic essence sprays and CO2-extracted serums.

Paul SchulickAnd while the products excite, everything about the company and its leader goes much deeper. In this episode of the Fodder podcast, Schulick takes listeners on a journey into how he thinks about product development, greater lessons he’s learning (still, if you can believe it) from the plant kingdom and how natural products developers can continue to find the innovation spark.

Settle in for this deep-thinking episode of Fodder with For the Biome’s Paul Schulick.

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