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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Kimberton Whole Foods expands in a big way

Kimberton Whole Foods, 2018 Retailer of the Year finalist, Creative New Store/Remodel
Kimberton Whole Foods' focus on its green footprint helped earn it a finalist position as Retailer of the Year for Creative New Store/Remodel.

Kimberton Whole Foods, a privately owned chain of natural foods groceries located in Southeastern Pennsylvania, was founded by Terry and Pat Brett. The husband-and-wife duo opened the first Kimberton Whole Foods location after running a small farm store for nearly 10 years, selling biodynamic yogurt, milk, meat and eggs. The purpose of the store was to provide room for more natural and organic goods for their customers, all while maintaining a commitment to local products and sustainability in agriculture.

Today, Kimberton Whole Foods consists of six stores, a commissary kitchen and a distribution center. After years of growth, it continues to be supportive of local, organic farms and natural product vendors. “Kimberton Whole Foods is proud to carry produce and products from over 200 local farms and vendors, located within 100 miles of our distribution center,” says CEO Terry Brett.

The most recent addition to the chain of Kimberton Whole Foods stores is the Collegeville, Pennsylvania, location, which opened in March 2018.

Here are just three ways this store is unique from Kimberton’s other locations:

Size. The Collegeville store is the largest of the six Kimberton Whole Foods stores. Clocking in at 15,000 square feet, it tops the other locations, which range in size from 3,000 to 8,000
square feet.

Eco-friendliness. The new store was designed for energy efficiency. Multiple skylights make use of daylight harvesting, and 100 percent LED lighting keeps energy usage efficient.

Energy efficiency. The Collegeville store is the third grocery store in the country to utilize energy efficient SoloChill technology, developed by Hillphoenix, in its refrigeration units. Its energy savings means it’s good for the environment and good for the store’s bottom line.


The other Retailer of the Year Creative New Store/Remodel finalists are:

City Market, Onion River Co-op
Vegan Fine Foods

The Natural Foods Merchandiser/Natural Products Expo winners will be announced Friday night at Natural Products Expo East 2018.

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