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Tea Talk [video series]

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Episode 1: Business as a vehicle for consciousness
“Conscious business” continues to evolve, with B Corp and companies like Organic India leading the charge. This video will explore the evolving ways in which companies are using business to have a positive impact in the world. In our first discussion, we join Kyle Garner of Organic India, Kim Coupounas of B Corp, Sheldon Romer of SB Romer, Inc. and Shannon Kyllo of Goddess Garden.


Episode 2: Regeneration nation
Organic India is pioneering a new way of doing business based around the idea of regeneration: from supporting regenerative agriculture to building “regenerative” communities. This video will explore a new dimension to regeneration—and why it is critical to our future. Featuring: Kyle Garner, Organic India; Annie Brown, Rodale Institute; Eric Pierce, New Hope Network; Susan Skjei, Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.


Episode 3: InnovaTEA
Science-based innovations in functional drinks are changing the beverage market. This video will look at the top tea and beverage innovations and how they’re meeting a shifting consumer demand for healthy and functional drinks. Featuring: Kyle Garner, Organic India; Sindy Wise, Lucky’s Market, and Laura Colin, Ganeden.


Episode 4: Fair Trade at Expo
Fair Trade got started with coffee, which is still what most people know it for today. Hear how it has changed and grown in the last 30 years in our latest episode of Tea Talk, filmed at Expo East 2018. Featuring: Kyle Garner, CEO of ORGANIC INDIA, and Mary Linnell-Simmons from Fairtrade America.