Tea Talk [video series]

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Episode 1: Business as a vehicle for consciousness
“Conscious business” continues to evolve, with B Corp and companies like Organic India leading the charge. This video will explore the evolving ways in which companies are using business to have a positive impact in the world. In our first discussion, we join Kyle Garner of Organic India, Kim Coupounas of B Corp, Sheldon Romer of SB Romer, Inc. and Shannon Kyllo of Goddess Garden.


Episode 2: Regeneration nation
Organic India is pioneering a new way of doing business based around the idea of regeneration: from supporting regenerative agriculture to building “regenerative” communities. This video will explore a new dimension to regeneration—and why it is critical to our future. Featuring: Kyle Garner, Organic India; Annie Brown, Rodale Institute; Eric Pierce, New Hope Network; Susan Skjei, Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.


Episode 3: InnovaTEA
Science-based innovations in functional drinks are changing the beverage market. This video will look at the top tea and beverage innovations and how they’re meeting a shifting consumer demand for healthy and functional drinks. Featuring: Kyle Garner, Organic India; Sindy Wise, Lucky’s Market, and Laura Colin, Ganeden.