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Axiom Nutraceuticals names chief medical advisor

Axiom Nutraceuticals names chief medical advisor
Fast-growing contract manufacturer of private-label dietary supplements adds Jeffrey Hendricks, MD, to its innovative medical advisory board.

Axiom Nutraceuticals, a rapidly growing private-label nutraceuticals manufacturer, recently named Dr. Jeffrey Hendricks, MD, as chief medical advisor. This is a key role on their unique medical advisory board, a panel of doctors and nutritionists that provide support to nutritional distributors in the development, formulation, and creation of dietary supplements.

Dr. Hendricks, a past director of Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Occupational Medicine, is a graduate from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University Medical School. He is known for his discovery of how subtle nutritional signals can dramatically affect disease risk. Dr. Hendricks has notable experience within nutrigenomics, the study of nutrition and epigenetics, which has driven his passion for the nutritional and dietary supplement industries.

The medical advisory board was designed by Axiom Nutraceuticals as a valuable resource for dietary supplement distributors, giving retailers and online sellers nutrition and health information regarding product formulations. Dr. Hendricks’ background and research in fields of study including cardiovascular health, insulin resistance, and rheumatoid arthritis offers multiple areas of expertise to Axiom’s medical advisory board, and helps supplement distributors provide better packaging, marketing, and other educational materials regarding their nutritional product.

“We are extremely excited to have Dr. Hendricks join the Axiom Nutraceuticals medical advisory board, and feel that his vast knowledge of health and nutritional remedies will be an invaluable tool to our customers,” states James VanBrocklin, CEO of Axiom Nutraceuticals. “In addition to manufacturing high-quality dietary supplements and turnkey services such as fulfillment and marketing, offering Dr. Hendricks’ product expertise to distributors is another competitive advantage we can offer nutritional businesses.”


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