CRN hires VP of scientific and regulatory affairs

CRN hires VP of scientific and regulatory affairs

Dr. Andrea Wong worked with Intertek Cantox for the past seven years.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, announced that Andrea Wong, Ph.D., has joined the association as a vice president, scientific and regulatory affairs, reporting to department head Duffy MacKay, N.D.

For the past seven years, Dr. Wong worked with Intertek Cantox, formerly Cantox Health Sciences International, in Ontario, Canada, most recently positioned as a senior scientific and regulatory consultant for the highly respected consulting firm.

Dr. Wong has a broad range of expertise in international food/nutrition regulation, toxicology and safety assessments, and project management. Her regulatory experience includes a working knowledge of international health claims, preparation of technical submissions to international regulatory agencies, and designing regulatory strategies for marketing products in global jurisdictions.

“We are very pleased that Dr. Wong has joined our science team, as we believe her expertise will benefit both our member companies and the industry at large. She combines a sharp, scientific mind with organizational skills and client service experience. Just as important, she is already well-versed in our industry’s complex regulatory structure, and is known and respected by many of our member companies,” said Steve Mister, president and CEO, CRN.

Dr. Wong has a Ph.D. in toxicology from the University of Toronto. She is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists and the Society of Toxicology. Her work has been published in scientific journals including Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. As a graduate student, she was twice recognized by the Society of Toxicology, first with the Novartis Corporation Graduate Student Fellowship, followed by the Carl C. Smith Mechanisms Graduate Student Award.


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