Former P&G exec to consult for Z Trim

Former P&G exec to consult for Z Trim

Biotechnology company has retained Gordon Brunner as an external consultant for IP, R&D and partnership opportunities.

Z Trim Holdings Inc., a biotechnology company providing value-added ingredients to a variety of industries, announced that it has retained Gordon F. Brunner, a former chief technology officer of Procter & Gamble® (NYSE: PG), as an external consultant. Mr. Brunner will assist the management team in several key areas, including: the review of all matters relating to the company's intellectual property; research and development of products, processes and applications derived from that property; the investigation of strategic research partnership opportunities; and initiatives designed to raise awareness regarding Z Trim's technology capabilities in relevant commercial, industrial, scientific and investment sectors.

Mr. Brunner spent nearly four decades at Procter & Gamble. As senior vice president, chief technology officer and head of worldwide research and development, he was instrumental in accelerating product innovation and led the creation of one of the most effective global R&D organizations. A native of Des Plaines, Ill., Mr. Brunner earned a BS in Biochemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Xavier University. He has served on Z Trim's Advisory Board since 2011.

"Gordon Brunner has been an invaluable asset on our Advisory Board and we are thrilled that he will be taking on a more significant role going forward," said Steve Cohen, Z Trim's CEO. "He has the knowledge and expertise to assist our Company in developing, protecting and leveraging our unique and disruptive technologies and products."

Kyle Hanah, Z Trim's vice president of technology, said, "I am really excited about the opportunity to work with one of the technology greats. Gordon will not only help us build upon our substantial intellectual property, but he will also be a valuable advisor in negotiations as we begin licensing our technology to cellulosics wastes producers. We can offer food grade and industrial solutions to our partners."

"After a recent review of Z Trim's technology roadmap, I am optimistic that there are a range of further applications for the company's fractionation technology, including in the biofuel industry," said Mr. Brunner. "I am most impressed by the technology platform's capability to produce highly functional soluble arabinoxylans at a commercially viable cost through the company's new Bio Fiber Gum (BFG) product. This is something that scientists have been working on since the late 1950s without success. Potential uses range from nutritional fiber additives to emulsifiers."

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