Herb industry pioneer Barry Meltzer dies

Herb industry pioneer Barry Meltzer dies

ABC's Mark Blumenthal speaks about his dear friend.

Barry Meltzer, an early pioneer of the modern herbal industry, died on Thursday, August 22, 2013. He was the owner of the San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company, a long-time supplier of bulk herbs, spices and teas to the herb and natural foods industry since the early 1970s. He had been dealing with a rare blood disorder for the past year or so.

Barry was a very gentle man, and a gentleman. He had a wonderful sense of humor, and made hundreds of friends throughout the herbal community, in the United States as well as internationally.

He was a founding board member of the Herb Trade Association in 1976, the original herb industry trade association formed by numerous herb suppliers and manufacturers.

Barry is survived by his wife, Kristy, his daughter, Sky, and son, Eli.

I am grateful to Michael McGuffin of AHPA who called me today to inform me of this sad news. ABC will publish a full tribute to Barry in the next issue of HerbalGram (#100), due out in early November, and additional information in HerbalEGram in early September.

As always, this may be a good time to be grateful for our good health, and for those whom we love, and who love us.


Mark Blumenthal 

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