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IADSA gives first Global Leadership Awards

IADSA gives first Global Leadership Awards
IADSA gave awards to two individuals who have played a fundamental role in shaping supplements regulation.

IADSA kicked off its Annual General Meeting last week with two ‘Global Leadership Awards’ given to individuals who have played a fundamental role in shaping regulation that meets the needs of both consumers and the sector.

The awards, which are the first of their kind to be given by IADSA, went to the Chair of the ASEAN Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements Scientific Committee (ATSC) Zubaidah Mahmud for her work to help create what is the most comprehensive regional regulatory model for supplements in the world, and to internationally renowned scientist Dr. John Hathcock for his exceptional contribution to the science that underpins dietary supplement regulation.

“IADSA is fortunate to work across the globe with regulatory and scientific bodies to help create science based regulation.  With these awards we want to give formal recognition to all that these two exceptional individuals have achieved and continue to achieve,” said IADSA Chair Pete Zambetti.

Mrs. Mahmud, from Brunei, has been the Chair of the ASEAN Traditional Medicines and Health Supplement Scientific Committee (ATSC) since its inception in 2007.

Mr. Zambetti said: “The results that Mrs. Mahmud has achieved in the ASEAN regulatory integration process are deeply impressive and a model to other regions of the world that are considering taking similar steps.  Many people have the ability to lead a process, but few have the vision matched by diplomacy and patient persistence to build consensus. The Award reflects the huge respect across the world for Mrs. Mahmud’s leadership and dedication.”

Dr. John Hathcock, from the U.S., has worked with the U.S. Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) for more than 20 years as a leading voice in the world on the science to underpin the regulation and use of supplements. He is the author of numerous publications that have helped shape the way regulatory bodies view food supplements.

CRN President and CEO Steve Mister said: “The supplement industry and its consumers have all benefitted tremendously from the important work that Dr. Hathcock has undertaken for the past twenty years to ensure that science is the driving force behind supplement regulation.  His research and tireless advocacy on CRN’s behalf with IADSA have convinced numerous regulatory bodies to use science, not politics, as the basis for setting appropriate upper levels of nutrients for consumer access.  That means more consumers worldwide have access to the healthy benefits these products provide.  We are pleased that IADSA has recognized John’s leadership in this field and congratulate him on this prestigious award.”   

Mr. Zambetti added: “I am proud that with this award we have been able to recognize John’s exceptional abilities and his drive to ensure that regulation across the globe reflects sound scientific principles.” 


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