IADSA presents Global Leadership Awards

IADSA presents Global Leadership Awards

HongMin Xu of the China Healthcare Association and Amway China, and Peter Berry Ottaway, a key technical advisor to IADSA, took home the honors.

IADSA has announced two Global Leadership Awards at its Annual Meeting in Verona, Italy. The Leadership Awards are presented to people involved in the food supplement sector who have made an exceptional leadership contribution, whether they are from government, industry, science or other areas.

The two recipients in Italy at IADSA’s 2014 Annual Meeting were HongMin Xu, who heads the China Healthcare Association’s Information Exchange Committee and is director of regulatory policies for Amway China. HongMin was presented the award for his exceptional work over many years in leading work to build a regulatory system to support the development of the Chinese market in food supplements.

The second award was presented to Peter Berry Ottaway, who has been a key technical advisor to IADSA since its creation, has represented IADSA in many key Codex Alimentarius committees and who’s experience and analysis of the technical-regulatory issues impacting the sector is world-leading.

Giving the awards, the outgoing chairman of IADSA, Pete Zambetti, said: “These two individuals are both united in their tireless service to the sector and their exceptional abilities of analysis and guidance. We are honoured to recognise them as some of the most dedicated people we have had the pleasure to work with”.

IADSA issued its first Awards in 2013 when they were given to Zubaidah Mahmud, of the Ministry of Health in Brunei Darussalam for her work as Chair of the ASEAN Scientific Committee and to Dr. John Hathcock for his work leading scientific work over many decades particularly in the area of vitamins and minerals. The awards are not annual awards. They are presented when a particular individual displays exceptional leadership.


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