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JG Pizzey grows business development team

JG Pizzey grows business development team
Julie Pizzey Faber brings culinary and legal expertise to the team, enhancing J.G. Pizzey's ability to guide to its customers in product development and regulatory compliance. 

J.G. Pizzey Inc. announces the addition of Julie Pizzey Faber, Esq., to its business development team.

Julie brings her expertise in the culinary arts and legal fields to J.G. Pizzey, enhancing the company’s ability to provide sound guidance to its customers regarding issues such as product development and regulatory compliance. Utilizing her culinary background, Julie is testing new applications for Pizzey’s BlendPur™ flaxseed, and has had particular success thus far with gluten-free formulations. Julie will also be assisting J.G. Pizzey’s quality assurance department with compliance-related matters.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Culinary Arts Management, with honors, from the Culinary Institute of America and a Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude, from Pace Law School. Julie practiced law for five years immediately prior to joining J.G. Pizzey. Before attending law school, Julie was West Coast sales manager for Pizzey’s Milling USA.

No one knows flaxseed better than the flax pioneers, Glenn and Linda Pizzey. J.G. Pizzey grows its flaxseed on gluten-free land and processes it through a gluten-free facility, preserving its natural stability and functionality through a proprietary pasteurization system, and ensuring traceability of each lot. An on-site fully equipped laboratory, staffed with scientists with over 20 years of experience, carefully examines each lot, to ensure adherence to strict microbial, purity and stability standards.

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