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Neptune hires sales director

Neptune hires sales director
International sales and health sciences expert Jacqueline Khayat will lead Neptune’s global sales expansion.

Neptune Technologies and Bioressources is proud to announce the hiring of Jacqueline Khayat, an international sales and health sciences expert, who will lead Neptune’s global sales expansion. Ms. Khayat brings more than a decade of sales experience and nutrition expertise to the firm best known for discovering and patenting the extraction process for its proprietary Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®).

Khayat’s role as sales director includes expanding distribution for Neptune’s line of products and ingredients among its strong customer base in North America, as well as identifying potential business opportunities within Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East. She will also oversee the sales team, and related processes, collaborating with marketing to enhance Neptune’s customer relationships. As a part of this role, Ms. Khayat will tap into her knowledge of nutrition, helping educate the market about Neptune and its line of products featuring the omega-3 rich source derived from krill oil.

Khayat brings additional noteworthy insight to her role. She re-joins Neptune after playing an instrumental role for the firm between 2006 and 2008 when she expanded distribution to the US and Europe, equating to $2 million dollars in new business per year. After 2008 and until 2014, she was a successful sales member of 3M Canada and Nobel Biocare Inc. She helped these organizations develop key opinion leaders, market their innovations, and increase their market shares.

“It’s great being able to rejoin Neptune, returning to my roots in nutrition and passion for healthy living. I’m proud to see all the recent progress and evolution of the company,” Khayat said. “My goal is to help new and existing customers know we are more than an ingredient supplier. We want to serve as a strategic partner to help them achieve their objectives.”

According to Khayat, Neptune’s strong position in the market gives her a great opportunity to educate new clients about the numerous health benefits of NKO.

“I think NKO is still at the beginning of its sales life cycle and will soon take a very important place in the industry as people understand what sets this product apart from other krill oils,” she said. “I’m confident Neptune will continue to lead the way by introducing high quality products, and I’m excited about playing a role in the process.”

Driven by bringing new technologies to market and improving people’s health, Ms. Khayat has an extensive and relevant education, earning a Bachelor of Sciences in Nutrition from Montreal University and obtaining a Graduate Degree in Business and Management from renowned HEC Montreal. She is a member of the Naturopath Association of Quebec (ANQ), an exercise and nutrition counselor, a health cooking epicurean, and a yogi.

Ms. Khayat resides in Lava l, Quebec, and speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and Arabic.



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