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SuperNutrition USA cofounder passes away

SuperNutrition USA cofounder passes away

Patrick Mooney died in his home on March 6.

SuperNutrition USA Inc. announced that Patrick Mooney, cofounder and chairman of the vitamin manufacturer SuperNutrition USA passed away in his home on March 6, 2013. “Dad was a genius in this business and saw his work as a mission,” said Michael Mooney, the son and cofounder of the Company. “He knew how important the right potencies of vitamins could be to the nation as a whole—a healthier, smarter nation—so it wasn’t just business as usual to him, it was something bigger.”

Mr. Mooney’s first formulae were for his own family. Word spread and friends soon asked him for some vitamins for their own families which led to the company that today sells its SimplyOne and SuperNutrition brands nationwide. “He was very proud of where we are today,” said Karen Sandvoss, company chief executive officer. “And he had us ready for this. We firmed up our management team some 18 months ago and as a result 2012 was one of our best years ever. This year we’ve already announced our AntiAging Potency line of multivitamins and our new product pipeline is full of important formulae that we will rollout this summer. We’re on pace to exceed even  our excellent year last year which was exactly what he expected of us. He had us ready for this, but he will be missed.”

SupreNutritionUSA was founded 36 years ago. Arrangements will be announced.


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