DuPont delivers solutions for child nutrition

DuPont delivers solutions for child nutrition

DuPont can help manufacturers develop new products for children containing protein, fiber, probiotics and sweeteners.

The child-specific food and beverage market is expected to grow quickly over the next few years. While children play a role in purchase decisions, parents want nutritious, delicious foods that contribute to their child’s health throughout the day, including breakfast and snacks. 

Motivators behind this trend
Globally, there is a growing concern among parents surrounding the lack of product offerings that address healthy growth and development and immune, digestive and oral health. As concerns in these areas intensify, parents are actively seeking foods for meals and snacks that can satisfy hunger while improving the nutrient density of their child’s overall diet. 

Helping manufacturers provide healthy, satisfying foods 
“Our consumer insight has enabled us to better support the needs of food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers. At DuPont we have the ability to help these manufacturers address this opportunity for new product offerings for children containing protein, fiber, probiotics and sweeteners,” explains Megan DeStefano, global marketing leader, Child Nutrition. “Our marketing insights, coupled with our technical and nutrition science expertise, help support the development of these customers’ child nutrition strategies with complete solutions to satisfy the concerns of parents worldwide.”  

Formulation begins with the right ingredients 
DuPont Nutrition & Health offers a wide range of solutions that meet market demand for healthier products for children, including SUPRO® Soy Protein, FIBRIM® Soy Fiber, LITESSE® Polydextrose Soluble Fiber, HOWARU® Bifido, HOWARU® Protect Kids, HOWARU® Rhamnosus, XIVIA® Xylitol and GRINDSTED® Hydrocolloids. “We provide manufacturers with functional ingredients that ensure the optimum combination of flavor, texture and nutritional benefits,” adds Jeffrey Gambaro, director applied technology.

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