DuPont focuses on kids, sports nutrition at SSW

DuPont focuses on kids, sports nutrition at SSW

Company will launch HOWARU Protect probiotic range for immune health.

DuPont Nutrition & Health will unveil a new HOWARU® Protect premium probiotic range providing clinically documented immune health benefits at SupplySide West (Las Vegas, Nov. 14 to 15), to meet the needs of targeted consumer groups.

This year, the DuPont booth (#16035) will be divided into three key areas, each highlighting illustrative product concepts designed to meet the specific needs of consumer segments. Visitors will be invited to sample an array of formats—bars, beverages and dietary supplements—that deliver a compelling combination of health benefits, appealing flavors and convenience in these three areas:

  • Child nutrition –Addressing the needs of children in the areas of immune, digestive and oral health, weight management and healthy growth and development , DuPont will showcase probiotic stick packs as well as a Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar featuring SUPRO® Nuggets (soy protein in a crunchy format), XIVIA™ sustainable xylitol and Litesse® polydextrose for added fiber.
  • Sports nutrition –With a focus on immune health, strength and performance, DuPont will present probiotic solutions and a Multi-layer Cookies & Cream Bar designed for sports nutrition seekers. This bar also benefits from the inclusion of SUPRO Nuggets, Litesse polydextrose and SOLEC™ soy lecithin.
  • Healthy living –Aimed at helping health-conscious adults support their immune, digestive, heart and muscle health—and to increase satiety—samples of probiotic stick packs and a Lemon Yo-go Bar will be offered in this area. The bar includes SUPRO Nuggets, Litesse polydextrose and SOLEC soy lecithin.

DuPont Expertise on Stage

The company will also participate in two VendorBrief presentations:

  • Promoting Satiety with Litesse; an Aid in Weight Management– presented by Arthur Ouwehand, Research Manager at DuPont Nutrition & Health in Meeting Room 2 on Thursday, Nov. 14, 10 to 10:20 a.m. The presentation will examine the connections between Litesse® polydextrose, reduced energy intake and changes in hormones regulating food intake.
  • Protection from the Inside Out: HOWARU® Protect Probiotics– presented by Peggy Steele, Global Business Director, DuPont Nutrition & Health in booth #14074 on Thursday, Nov. 14, 10:30 to 10:50 a.m. Ms. Steele will discuss the use of these premium probiotics to address the needs of identified consumer groups, helping them maintain their natural immune defenses and support general well-being.


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