A few of our favorite things (with probiotics)

A few of our favorite things (with probiotics)

If Maria Von Trapp knew about probiotics, she would probably have sung this

Sing along


A few of our favorite things (with probiotics)*

* With apologies to Julie Andrews and the entire von Trapp family

Fermented dairy to the delight of kittens

Refrigerated products so cold you should wear mittens

10 billion CFUs that make my gut sing

These are a few of my favorite things …


When the bug bites

When the belly stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember to down my favorite probiotic things

And then I don’t feel so bad!


* Gloria’s Pro Defensis

Probiotics are known for immune-enhancing properties. So why not combine a probiotic drink with the best immune-balancing ingredient on the planet – Biothera’s Wellmune WGP? In Peru, Gloria did just that with its Pro Defensis launch.

* Kevita

The world’s first sparkling, carbonated probiotic beverage, and it also comes in coconut flavor. Yum! Because probiotic drinks don’t all have to be dairy.

* ProBioKid

Institut Rosell assembled a finished product with 3 of its proprietary probiotic strains along with a prebiotic fiber. And they’ve published research on the finished product. The Europeans would approve. Maybe.

* Flora Smart

The Flora Smart 6 billion CFU with Bio-Track supplement brand, available in the UK, claims to ensure 60% or greater viability of probiotics after the passage through the stomach. Flora Smart also combines 10 probiotic strains, a great blend that offers numerous health benefits.

* Yakult

From Japan, Yakult is the original probiotic CPG product – great taste, good science, and it can conveniently complement a healthy family breakfast.

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