Kibow Biotech wins Buzz of Bio Award

Kibow Biotech wins Buzz of Bio Award

This is the first time a biotechnology company specializing exclusively in dietary supplements has took home this award.

Kibow Biotech is delighted to be announced a winner of this year's BIO International Convention (June 23 to 26) Buzz of BIO Contest. The Pennsylvania-based company is one of the four winners in this year's contest recognizing the most innovative companies in the biotech sector. Kibow Biotech won in the category of "Pipelines of Promise." Kibow will join three other winners and more than 160 industry leaders delivering 15-minute company presentation at the BIO Business Forum.  

This is the first time that a biotechnology company specializing exclusively in dietary supplement products is being recognized as one of the winners in the Buzz of BIO Awards. Dr. Natarajan Ranganathan, cofounder and chief R&D scientist, said, "The decade of research efforts on the concept of balancing the Gut Microbiome with probiotics (beneficial health impacting microbes) is finally gaining more recognition." He also added that a scientific basis and rationale for "a shift from Human Genome to Gut Microbiome" has been established only recently, and the process of using it to address various healthcare problems is just beginning both in the field of drugs and as well in the rapidly growing dietary supplement uses.

The company's recognition and award is a cumulative impact of its earlier selection for a poster presentation as Emerging Biotech Company at the 2007 BIO-Boston meeting, its novel concept, and its pharmaceutical-like validation of the product based on "enteric uremic toxin reduction technology" (Enteric Dialysis®). [For more information, click here.] Kibow is looking for partnering with a major international pharmaceutical or biotech company to advance its presence worldwide.


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