Probiotics - perception is modality

Probiotics - perception is modality

A Today Show segment on probiotics does not mention capsules or any other delivery form that isn't food. What does this mean for probiotic manufacturers and supplements in general.

For many Americans probiotics basically equals yogurt and that belief was driven home in a Today Show segment earlier this month that added sauerkraut and miso soup to the list but kept the focus on food.

In the three minute video, probiotics as a capsule did not get a single mention. What this means for probiotics makers would seem clear – if you’re not in food, your score in the consumer game is falling.

The idea has lessons for the rest of the supplement industry as well. Aligning products with food, whether with whole food supplements or in the “greens” smoothie powder may be a smart strategy as food becomes more and more the road to health for many consumers.

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