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NIS14: Experiential Ingredients - Evidence and Evangelism Assessment

Experiential ingredients can arguably be defined as natural bio actives that purportedly elicit, after oral ingestion, a biological response that can be perceived or “felt" by an individual after a defined period of time (minutes to weeks). A paragon experiential ingredient example would be a botanical ingredient that harbors a naturally occurring psychoactive stimulant(s) e.g. coffee, predicated upon the dose ingested delivering a pharmacologically active dose of caffeine. Experiential ingredients could exert one or more of these effects: improved cognitive function; reduced anxiety, increased laxation, reduced joint or muscle soreness, decreased time to falling asleep, etc. Because many experiential effects are subjective and often lack a systematic, objective criterion of change or improvement, quantifying claims of experiential efficacy requires additional rigor and replication (ideally by separate research groups). Come “experience” a scintillating, interactive assessment of select, en vogue experiential ingredients, ranging from belly to brain effects.

TAGS: Ingredients
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