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10 dietary supplement trends we’re looking for at Expo West

These 10 products combine consumer desires and needs with non-pill formats to exemplify today's dietary supplements.

The dietary supplements world is always innovating, always responding to consumer needs and the cultural Zeitgeist, always sourcing new ingredients, always researching new ingredients and new discoveries from old ingredients.

Today’s product trends reflect what consumers want, as well as a tipping point that occurred in 2019. That was the first year sales of gummies, shots, powders and the like passed the old standbys, capsules, tablets and softgels. The pill-fatigued are now ably served in their desire to get their nutritional supplements without having to choke down any horse pills.

The biggest trend of 52 weeks ending Oct. 31, according to SPINS data, is apple cider vinegar supplements with a sales increase of 165%. Gummies that cut vinegar's piquant bite are driving the ingredient's continued success.

In second place is superfoods, up 147%, with everything from mushrooms to exotic ingredients such as camu camu and chocho.

Rounding out the podium as the third fastest-growing category of supplements is mood support, up 43%. It goes without saying that with all the upside-down shutdowns and latent edginess in our COVID lives, something is out of whack. Mood support is finding compatriots with stress and sleep concerns as well—they all go together.

Another shift in our lives during COVID is the quest for beauty in the comfort of our homes. Nutricosmetics, or inside-out beauty, is trending, led by collagen, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and omega-3s.

Other COVID-adjacent conditions include healthy aging and weight management.

And before you think we’re forgetting the elephant in the room, year-round immune support supplements are simply everywhere. Immunity supps are the new multis.

We’ll be on the lookout for companies riding these 2022 trends. Here are 10 Expo West exhibitors to check out.

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