Natural Products Expo

20 brands embracing the Nutrition Meets Convenience trend at Expo East 2021

Stop by their booths in Philadelphia or on the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform to find out about the latest launches and innovations in healthy snacking.

Consumers want more health in every bite, but they also want it to be fast, easy and hassle free. Enter Nutrition Meets Convenience, one of the top trends identified in an analysis of Natural Products Expo East exhibitors and products carried out pre-show by New Hope Network’s NEXT Data and Insights team.

This trend is defined as: Make it simple but make it nutritious. Whether it’s incorporating medicinal benefits through food, foodification of supplements, or using the latest medicinal herb, innovation in convenience-focused brands are trying to bring nutrition back to the category.

One great way that brands bring the concepts of nutrition and convenience together is through snacking. However, while snacking may still be the national pasttime, today's snacks are striving to serve up better-for-you ingredients that include functional add-ins, whole foods, superfoods and more—all while saying "no" to excess sugars and other ingredients-non-grata in today's natural products marketplace. 

Some of the brands and products featured in this gallery might already be familiar, but be sure to stop by their booths at Expo East in Philadelphia this week to say hi to old friends and to check out their newest product launches. 

Not attending Expo in person? Not to worry. You can find these brands and others on the Natural Products Expo Virtual platform.

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