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2017: 'In a time that calls for caution and regulation, we get Trump'

marc brush
Behold the following 11 predictions for Nutrition America in the wake of Nov. 8, 2016.

We asked industry thought-leaders to share their predictions for 2017. Here's what Marc Brush, Chief Podcaster at Natch and former editor-in-chief of Nutrition Business Journal, had to say.

1. Oats, rediscovered. Overnight oats? Think all-day oats.

2. Cashews, the next big nut.

3. Prebiotics, in whole foods. Expect greater awareness among consumers, with sales momentum in whole food sources like garlic, leeks, asparagus.

4. Personalized nutrition, waiting in the wings. More eagerness in Silicon Valley, but little success on Main Street. It's still just too early.

5. Activism, ascendant and often misguided. All of that Food Babe mojo, all of that non-GMO mojo ... it'll pop off in weird, asymmetrical ways.

6. Sin taxes. Fat good, sugar bad. It'll take decades to unravel this mistake, with soda taxes just an early salvo.

7. Seaweed, algae, yum.

8. CRISPR, yikes. We're already starting to gene edit humans. And food. And in a time that calls for caution and regulation, we get Trump.

9. Regenerative agriculture. Carbon farming will come to dominate the ag discussion around the world, more so than organics or GMOs.

10. Pulses. Low water, low fertilizer, high nutrition, high times.

11. Fermentation via supplementation. You can ferment anything! Fermented proteins, fermented grains, fermented botanicals.

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