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Natural Products Expo

6 new snacks to see at Natural Products Expo East

Gallery-6 new snacks to see at Natural Products Expo East

The natural products snack aisle continues to explode with innovation, which means options to satiate every diet and consumer craving.

Who doesn’t love a snack? Clearly we all do as the numbers in this category continue to grow.

Natural products offerings exploded in every direction just when we were all beginning to think a chip is a chip and get a bit bored. From dried cheese to meats to fruits and veggies, everything is fair game to be turned into a snack. Consumers want their natural snacks to be clean and resemble the real thing if possible. Hence, beets, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower and garbanzo beans are all present in the newest round of products. The same goes for fruits, from watermelon jerky to plantain chips, potato chips are beginning to be outnumbered by the latest healthy offerings. Yet all is not lost for chips, tortillas have found new traction with grain free as cassava flour continues to be the ingredient dujour for satisfying allergen-free demands.

While everyone loves a snack, these days there truly is something for every customer. 

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