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Caliper CBD, the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD – download

White-paper-Caliper CBD, the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD – download

Caliper CBD, the only clinically proven fast-acting CBD – download
In the first human clinical bioavailability trial utilizing commercially available consumer product CBD for food and beverage, Caliper CBD delivers measurably greater absorption.

While CBD has recently become a star ingredient sought after by consumers for various benefits, there remains a lack of clinical studies related to its bioavailability in humans – until now. In an independent study conducted at Colorado State University, using Caliper CBD, commercially available for food and beverage consumption, researchers set out to examine the bioavailability of CBD.

The results of this first ever human clinical trail of commercially available CBD speak for themselves, with the study suggesting significantly more bioavailability of Caliper's water-soluble CBD compared to oil-soluble solutions.

Check out this download to learn more about the human clinical bioavailability trial of Caliper CBD and how it delivers benefits for your customers.

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