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The future looks bright for the nutricosmetics market in 2021 and beyond – download

The future looks bright for the nutricosmetics market in 2021 and beyond – download
Seppic estimates that the beauty-from-within product market will outpace supplement industry sales in 2021.

As consumers continue to discover the power of foods and supplements to achieve beauty benefits, the U.S. may be the region with the highest potential for nutricosmetics growth. So what does the future hold? Brands are increasingly focused on how to bring highly efficacious and pure skin, hair and nails products to the market—and are also discovering new and exciting connections between overall wellness and beauty. Here, we explore the glowing ingredients and trends driving growth and opportunity for the category. 

Products like collagen boosters, ultra-hydrators, and brain-gut balancers are some of the most popular products in the beauty-from-within category that are flying off the shelves in 2021.

Download the latest eGuide from Seppic to learn more about the rapid growth of the nutricosmetics market and find out which products are most popular amongst these health-minded consumers.

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