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A new way to think about brain health – download

A new way to think about brain health – download
Changing the way we think about brain health supplements has led to innovative new products that aim to enhance mental energy at an affordable price.

It's no secret that consumers are under more stress than ever. As a result, they’re seeking brain health solutions that can help optimize their mental and emotional wellbeing. Yet until recently, the nootropics category—designed to help enhance cognitive functionality—has had some limitations both in formulations and retail-friendly pricing. Affordable products that don’t rely on high caffeine doses to give the brain a jolt have been missing.

Now, a new innovative retail offering, Qualia Focus is attacking these issues with a more balanced amount of caffeine and natural nootropic ingredients that are scientifically supported, including Celastrus paniculatus seed extract and Ginkgo biloba. It does all of this at a more reasonable, retail-friendly price point than many other nootropics.

Contact Neurohacker Collective to learn about retail opportunities and be sure to check out this retail download to learn more about Qualia Focus and how a new approach to supplementing brain health has consumers rethinking what they need from a nootropic.

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